Holly Caiazza , Partner

Prior to joining MTA, Holly has worked as a Senior Recruiter and Recruitment Manager for various organizations throughout the past 20 years, where she has a demonstrated record of success in client relations, streamlining/monitoring recruitment processes and metrics, analyzing industry trends, and partnering with company leaders to anticipate create strategy and hiring needs.

Throughout her career, Holly has continuously exceeded client expectations by creating and fostering a peerless reputation, while expertly building both internal and external relationships. Holly is a highly accomplished communicator, facilitator of engaging her clients with helping them to shape and accomplish their goals. “Holly is a communicator, a go-getter and a bridge-builder…she is also a bulldog when it comes to getting things done”.

Holly has served as a leader and mentor throughout her career, helping to build and develop teams and provide strategic guidance. She has been recognized as a valuable contributor and subject matter expert by the organizations with whom she has worked. She brings a breadth of industry experience, allowing her to readily pivot within client communities.

Holly spends her free time in the fitness and self-care space. She does volunteer work with the 412 Food Rescue program. She is happily married, has two adult stepchildren and three fur kiddos.