Our Core Values

Running a business according to a set of values is something we wholeheartedly believe in. Values can be thought of as a filter that every decision and action we make passes through.

When MTA was launched, these values were developed over time. Today, they are in place and held closely while working with clients and reflecting on what makes our engagements successful.

Be Helpful to Everyone In Some Way

We don’t take on every potential client we speak to. If we cannot take you on as a client, we will strive to make sure that you learned something that will benefit you in their journey to sell your business because we are in this business to help people.

Put Clients First

Unlike the many business brokers who have a reputation of only caring about their fee, we will never advocate for something that we wouldn’t consider ourselves. We’ll tell you to walk away when we think the deal or buyer isn’t right and we will tell you to sign fast when it is.

Be Trustworthy

We are acutely aware that our clients give us blind trust from day one. Unlike your attorneys and accountants, our business relationship will likely be less than one year. Your decades of work, your legacy, and your financial future is in our hands. We do not take this lightly. From the day we sign an engagement letter to the day we close; we will consistently demonstrate that you made the right choice.

Be Transparent

We tell it like it is – the good, the bad and the ugly. Having clarity about how your business is valued, how it will present itself in the marketplace, and the strengths and weaknesses is imperative to ensure a successful transaction.

Be Tenacious & Go the Distance

Every business is challenging. This one we are in can grind anyone down. To be successful, we go all out, all the time. Especially when a sale process becomes difficult because they all do at some point.